Are there Peas - yes, there are!

Are there Peas - yes, there are!

Then there are finally peas! Yes, in fact, we started picking the first small pods more than 14 days ago.

It's a wonderful time when small mouths of sweets prefer the green of the garden over the unhealthy!

Peas are something that ALWAYS succeeds in a GrowCamp. If you germinate the peas indoors, they can be planted out very early - they survive a bit of night frost. The plastic cover on the raised bed provides a greenhouse environment, and it does not take many sun rays before there is good heat and the plants thrive.

If you sow directly, you experience that the ENTIRE row comes up. The cover keeps birds and other animals that love pea seeds out of the bed.

Everyone loves peas - but with us, SALAD PEA is especially a hit with the adults. Salad peas are the ones with the thick pods that can be eaten whole and raw. You can also dip them in boiling water for about 15 seconds and use them as a delicious accompaniment to dinner.

You can sow peas - and get something out of them - until mid-July.

Salad peas

GrowCamp with lots of peas

Healthy candy!