The fight against the pigeons

The fight against the pigeons

What do you not do to have your peas in peace? I go to great lengths to win the battle over the pigeons. They sit in the cherry tree and watch; for imagine now if someone was so stupid as to sow peas in the open - or put small pea plants in the ground. Then they are there immediately - they eat both pea seeds and small plants! But NOT in my garden.

We have lots of peas in our GrowCamps - they are protected from both pigeons and pea wrappers, which can cause "worms in the peas". But there is now something about HIGH peas: there are REALLY many peas on a small area - and then the SIGHT of such a row of peas at a height of 2 meters! It is lushness in the very best way. And luckily usually without worms.

I want such tall peas - pigeons or not. So I have sewn a small tent that they live in until they are about 80 cm high. At that height, the pigeons do not take them. The plants also benefit from the net because it protects against cold winds. This allows them to be planted out quite early.

Homemade pea house

When the peas can no longer be in the house, the insect net is removed and one more floor is built on the metal lattice. It is set up in zig-zag coins and assembled with strips - so it does not tip over.


This is what it should look like in a good month's time!