What are we going to have for tonight?

What are we going to have for tonight?

Yes, in this time there are challenges for the chef. There is way too much to choose from. And when we are going on holiday soon, we want to have time to eat it all.

Here on the ground there is the harvest:

Cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, chili, squash, cucumber, onion, carrots, beets, horse beans, alm. beans, salad pies, purple “green” cabbage and celery leaves. Although there is a lot, the chef will probably have to pick up reinforcements: basil, parsley, potatoes and a little salad - but it is also easy to find.

This year, despite the night frost, which lasted into May, we have harvested lots of different vegetables and herbs. Now the beds must be cleaned up before the holiday - to be distributed to family and friends - and corn, leeks, beets, radishes and beans must be planted where there is room. Then it can also be harvested in the autumn and until winter.

The covering of window foil kept the night frost out in the spring. And when there is plenty of light and occasionally a little sun, everything grows fantastically - even if it is cold at night. The foil has been taken off since the beginning of June - except on the bed with tomatoes, cucumbers and chili. The insect net keeps killer snails, pigeons and everything else out, so the vegetables can be harvested completely flawlessly.

It's a PURE pleasure!


For experiments, we have installed raised beds of pallet frames with tunnel cover. It was started a little later than everything else, but there is broccoli, a little cauliflower, other cabbages that are not ready yet, lots of lettuce and potatoes: