Beans in the open air

Beans in the open air

There is no room for bush beans in my GrowCamps yet. The plants are well enough ready - and soon too big, but we must first have emptied a bed of potatoes. But it also tends to go pretty fast.

Fortunately, there is plenty of room for the pole beans in the open air. So they were planted out here very first in May. A little incline was put around them to take the worst of the windy weather. They cannot tolerate cold and wind. Then they become negative and just stand and stare for weeks. With a little protection they are more positive and the weather is with us too.

They are planted up against metal grids, which stand in formation so that it does not tip over. The grids are just stuck in the ground. They are removed in the autumn and placed if necessary. a new place the following year.

Rod beans - ready to start!

When the plants get bigger, an extra floor is put on. They are easy - the grids just need to be tightened with strips.

The nets are tightened together with strips

In late July, it usually looks like this:

Lots of bar beans!