Are there enough peas? - and new herb bed

Are there enough peas? - and new herb bed

How many peas can the grandchildren eat? It's probably almost infinite. But now no less than 100 peas have been planted, which were sown indoors sometime in February. That must be a long way off.

You can of course easily sow peas directly in a GrowCamp. The insect net protects seeds and the small plants from pigeons and other birds that love peas - and with plastic cover, the peas germinate and grow quickly.

The peas stand across the bed - a total of 5 rows in a bed of 120 x 360 cm. In the open air you probably would not put them so close, but in the GrowCamp there are lots of delicious, fine peas.

The plants grow up to small nets, which are 60 cm high. When the plants reach over the net, we bend them out to each side so that they have plenty of space at the top. Often the plants grow taller than GrowCampen's 100 cm. Then we take the inset net off and let them grow out of the bed.


The herbs have usually lived a little here and there in the GrowCamp garden. Now they have their very own bed of 120 x 360 cm.

All plants are of own breeding. Some of them were sown indoors early in the year and have been under LED light until now when it has been planted out.

At the far end of the bed there is garlic - maybe not really a "herb", but still… The fats were laid in November, and the plants are now in good growth.

Then there is plenty of dill, which is a must for new potatoes.

Of course, there are also small parsley plants. In addition, there is marjoram, oregano, lemon balm, coriander, thyme and rosemary. Most plants look a bit shabby, but that will soon change, now that they have plenty of space and spring is unfolding.

At the front are chives, which were planted last autumn. The chives taste great at this time of year when they are full of juice and power.