Then there are radishes!

Then there are radishes!

The most nerve-wracking time in the garden is in the spring, when you can never know if there will be MORE night frost. And this year, it has just lasted on and on.

I always start very early - longed for fresh vegetables like that. So I germinate peas, lettuce, spring onions, spinach, parsley, chives, dill, horse beans, leeks, celery, onions and much more in long lanes.

At some point, the plants just HAVE to go out - night frost or not - and in previous years I have covered with fibertex and put block lights out in my GrowCamps to keep the worst cold away.

This has not been the case this year - I have tried WITHOUT. That is to say: the potatoes HAVE to be covered with both bubble wrap and fibertex. Everyone knows they can not stand the tinge of frost. The rest have done themselves. Furthermore - to my great astonishment - radishes and carrots, which I sowed in late March, came up.

The explanation is that it does not take many touches of sun before the bed gets warm - and when the ground gets warm, the night frost is kept away and the seeds germinate.

So we are lucky to have lots of greenery, even though the weather has meant that almost nothing has been able to grow outdoors.

The photo was taken on May 3, 2017 on one of the first days of good weather. Abby has just raised the first radish. She does not eat it, because she does not like radishes. But she loves to pull them up and watch others eat. She is looking forward to the peas, which are already blooming.


The cover makes the bed function as a greenhouse - and the ground retains heat.

The first potatoes were also picked up the same day. For the last 14 days before, the bed has not been covered, because it gets too hot easily - and then we get more top than potatoes.

Small potatoes are dug out with small fingers.

We have been eating salad for a good while. The spinach has already been harvested - there should be room for chili and pepper plants.

Lovely crispy salad

The carrots grow merrily - but soon do not get as much light, because the horse beans next to it will obviously be huge lightning fast

Carrots and horse beans

We have the option to put a little heat on in the greenhouse so that it acts as an intermediate station for chili, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. Being able to hang plant trays up on the greenhouse walls provides plenty of space.


Chili, pepper, lettuce, herbs in the greenhouse