Tomatoes, chili and peppers in progress!

Tomatoes, chili and peppers in progress!

Then tomatoes, chili and peppers have been planted a lot.

Elsewhere, potatoes, spinach, lettuce and radishes have been harvested, ready to be sown again. More peas and more carrots, more salad must be sown - and leeks and pale celery must be added. This can be done successfully until July - even later. So there is plenty of time to sow and plant yet.

In the tomato bed there is well-being. On cold days, the plants are protected by the plastic cover. As soon as the sun shines, the plastic foil is rolled away - e.g. only on the south side. When we get further ahead, the plastic foil is completely removed on one side - then lots of fresh air can enter the bed.

This means, among other things, that the tomatoes are easier to pollinate. Tomatoes MUST be pollinated. It usually happens quite easily, but it is necessary that the air is not stagnant.

Tomato plants in bloom

In the bed with chili and peppers there is also well-being. There is room for a number of radishes and a little salad, which has time to be eaten before the other plants take over.

The first small chilies peek out

And while the kids are waiting for peas and strawberries, which are the favorites, they can always eat a radish on the roof of a GrowCamp!