Just before winter

Just before winter

"Better late than never" does not always apply. But to put garlic a month late (in November), it should probably go. As long as the soil is not hard of frost, it is no problem.

Here, organic garlic is added - two kinds to try different flavors. You can easily put the garlic cloves you buy in the supermarket and succeed. It is just said that they are not necessarily suitable for the Danish climate and may therefore not thrive optimally. These organic garlic, on the other hand, should be perfect in this country.

They are set "too close". It does not matter, because we use about every other of the garlic in the spring before they are fully developed. They taste great as a baby.


Next to the garlic stand the black radishes and grow large - even now, when it is quite cold, they grow merrily. They are chalk white inside like china radishes, but the taste is a little sharper. If you are not into strong radish taste, the radishes can be used e.g. in wok dishes. Here the taste becomes somewhat more neutral, and there is a good bite in them when they are not woked for too long.

The radishes were sown very first in August after peas and lettuce.


The leeks here stand and enjoy themselves in the self-watering bed, which has given oceans of delicious potatoes earlier in the year. They are not all equally thick, but thin leeks are also delicious. They were planted in late July.


In the chili bed there are LOTS of fruit. Now they must be picked soon - before the frost takes them.