Fried pork and parsley sauce

Fried pork and parsley sauce

Fried pork and parsley sauce will probably only be available a few times a year. Fortunately, parsley sauce can be used for much more than pork. And in our family it is very popular - especially if it is dark green of parsley. We also use parsley for much else. In other words: We use LARGE AMOUNTS of parsley.

It can be difficult to get parsley to grow properly in the open air.

The carrot fly also likes parsley. Its larvae eat off the root and the plant thrives or dies completely. So therefore it is safest to grow parsley in beds with insect nets over.

You can harvest continuously throughout the year - yes, sometimes ALL year round, if the winter is mild. But with persistent frost the leaves wither.

Parsley should be sown every year. In its 2nd year it blooms and becomes bitter in taste.

It is a good idea to sow parsley indoors in late winter or early in the year - e.g. at the same time as chili was seen. Then the parsley can borrow some of the light from the LED lamps. In this way, it germinates and grows large and ready for planting in March or before, if the frost has let go of the roof. Night frost easily tolerates parsley.

Once we have harvested parsley, which needs to be frozen, we use the meat mincer on the mixer to grind. It's easy and fast, and then we get the consistency we like - with lots of juice.

The parsley is easy to prepare. It should only be rinsed lightly, because in a GrowCamp there is no soil on the plants, because the rain falls softly through the insect net. The leaves just need to be plucked from the stems so it can be chopped.

The parsley is picked from the stems - ready to chop.



The parsley is quenched by the meat mincer.


Parsley ready for frosting.