45-50 kg of food harvested from the MINI kitchen garden's 6 m2!

45-50 kg of food harvested from the MINI kitchen garden's 6 m2!

Here at the beginning of February, the season in the mini kitchen garden is largely over.

Left in the beds are only 7 winter-hardy savoy cabbages, which will be able to be eaten over the next few months, as well as some rows of September-sown spinach, which should give fresh greens by April.

The last winter leeks have recently been both harvested and eaten, and it is therefore possible to calculate what the mini kitchen garden's 4 beds of a total of 6 m2 have shed during the year.

All in all, it has become:

9 savoy cabbage
14 school cucumbers
3 kg of beans
7 courgettes
3.5 kg of carrots
6.8 kg of new potatoes
3.7 kg early onions
1.5 kg leeks
8 bundles of radishes
10 kg of beets
11 coleslaw
1.5 kg of spinach
2 kg of peas

In total, it becomes 45-50 kg of food, or the equivalent of an adult's recommended vegetable consumption (half of the famous 600 grams of fruits and vegetables a day?) For 4-5 months.

Which is probably not so bad even considering that the 2018 season was hit by both a heat wave and the worst drought in man's memory, which regardless of watering could not avoid affecting the yield in different ways.

At the same time, it is the first time I have played with cultivating SO intensively in small beds, where the experiences have also made me wiser about what works well and what works less well - and that is not so bad either?

Written by Peter Norris, February 1, 2019