About watering

About watering

How GrowWater self-irrigation works

Water is needed if you want to be able to harvest lots of fresh and delicious vegetables in your garden! Lots of water - but conversely finally not too much, because if the roots of the plants stand and fungus in water, you risk that they drown and are not salvageable again. Fortunately, one of the advantages of raised beds is that they keep the soil porous, which means that the water runs off more easily and thus alleviates the plants suffering from drowning. But because the water is easier to run off, it also means that you - especially on dry days - must remember to water your beds. Fortunately, saving a plant that has been given too little water is a lot easier than saving a plant that has been given too much, so that is rarely the big problem. But of course it can be if you are not at home. During the summer holidays, many of us go for several weeks over the hot part of the garden season. Then what do you do? In fact, watering is one thing that keeps many people from cultivating themselves. We think this is a shame and that is why we have developed a very special irrigation system, which we call GrowWater.

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How to irrigate with GrowWater

Our GrowWater irrigation system ensures the tomato harvest, well-developed vegetables and the continuous flowering of summer flowers over the summer - even if you go on summer vacation. The system is an insert that can be mounted in all our beds. It seems that the lower 15 cm of the raised bed is used as a water container. The overlying soil is connected to the water via perforated pipes, which are also filled with soil. The soil in the perforated pipes then acts as wicks that suck up water. In this way, the water is automatically distributed throughout the earth - without the risk of overwatering. Overwatering is avoided because the system is equipped with a patented device which makes it possible to lower the water level. It is especially important that the plants do not get too wet during cool growth periods or in the establishment phase, where the root system has not yet been fully developed. The irrigation effort contains plenty of water - enough for 1-2 weeks in the hottest time. And if you are on holiday for a long time, it is usually easy to entice the neighbor to cope with an irrigation or two, if the reward e.g. are delicious sun-ripened tomatoes. GrowWater self-irrigation is a quality product that can be used year after year. All parts are made of durable materials that can be disassembled and washed.

The plants thrive with GrowWater

GrowCamp raised beds with self-watering give your plants the best start and growth: Water There is always water available - and of course in the right amount. In the off-seasons, the water level can be reduced via the adjusting device so that the soil does not become too moist! Plants thrive if they get too much water. Fertilizer Lots of fertilizer are needed when you want many and magnificent crops or flowers! And by dosing liquid fertilizer correctly the few times that need to be watered in a season, you achieve optimal well-being - and in a raised bed, the nutrition is not wasted by being washed out of the soil (or being used by weeds). Soil Plants thrive if there is not enough soil for the roots to develop. In GrowCamps with self-watering, there is room for 15 cm of soil above the water tank - significantly more than with the well-known plant bags. This makes the plants vigorous and produces lots of fruits or flowers. 15 cm of soil is enough for most vegetables, e.g. You can also grow vegetables with large roots / tubers: potatoes, leeks, beets, even carrots, which of course are only 10-12 cm long. Heating A GrowCamp with a roof acts as a greenhouse - and it is easy to ventilate. The plastic cover is fitted with velcro and can therefore be opened arbitrarily. When it is very hot, it can be completely dismantled. Then you can safely go on a weekend or holiday.

 The irrigation system is equipped with a patented device, which makes it possible to lower the water level to prevent the plants from getting too wet during cool growth periods or in the establishment phase, where the root system is not yet fully developed. Below is the controller in 3 different positions:

Top position: The container can be completely filled

Middle position: If the container is more than half full, drain the water via the water hose at the bottom.