85 kg of tomatoes

85 kg of tomatoes

Lovely homemade tomatoes grown on 120 x 120 cm!

With GrowCamp's tomato bed, it is possible to harvest 85 kg of tomatoes in just 120 x 120 cm. The height of the bed is 180 cm incl. the container for soil and water, which is 30 cm. The bed can be placed anywhere: directly on the ground, on tiles or terraces.

NEW: Space for 180 liters of water!

The bed can be supplied with underwater. This means that you only need to get your neighbor to water once every two weeks if you go on holiday when the plants need the most water. For most of the life of the plants, water only every 3-4 weeks.

The plants thrive in GrowCamp's tomato bed!


There is always water available - and of course in the right amount. In the off-season, the water level can be reduced via an adjusting device so that the soil does not become too moist! Plants thrive if they get too much water.


Lots of fertilizer is needed when you want a lot of tomatoes! And by dosing liquid fertilizer correctly the few times that need to be watered in a season, you achieve optimal well-being.


Many have experienced that the plants thrive and / or the tomatoes lack flavor if there is not enough soil for the roots to develop. The GrowCamp soil container can hold 180 liters of soil. This makes the plants strong and gives lots of delicious and delicious tomatoes. Incidentally, the soil does not need to be changed every single year.


In a GrowCamp it is easy to ventilate. The plastic cover is fitted with velcro and can therefore be opened arbitrarily. When it is very hot, it can be completely dismantled. In high summer, you can leave the sunny side half open permanently. Then you can safely go on a weekend or holiday.