Establishment of a GrowCamp

Establishment of a GrowCamp

Where can the bed stand?

You can place the bed almost anywhere. Here is some good advice:


The basis for the GrowCamp can be e.g. be: soil, tiles, grass, gravel, patio boards, tile.

The bed is without a bottom so that excess water can penetrate into the substrate.

You may risk any pests crawling into the ground from the ground. You can minimize this problem by placing weeds in the bottom of the bed. Make sure it closes as tightly as possible against the frame of the GrowCamp. Long roots from e.g. cabbage can not penetrate the weed cloth. Carrots and most other vegetables do well with only 30 cm of soil.

Recommendations: If there are moles or boars in your garden, place a fine-mesh reinforcement net at the bottom of the bed.


If the bed is longer than 120 cm (not square), place the end gables east-west. Then there will be full sun on one side of the bed.


The GrowCamp does not need to be sheltered - it is designed to withstand stormy weather. But vegetables want shelter from the wind - so they grow best. And here the GrowCamp has the advantage that the insect net slows down the wind and with plastic cover on, the wind is of course kept completely out.

If you live in a place where it is very windy, it may be advisable to have plastic cover on the north / west side permanently. In the other side (read side) you can then only use insect nets. That way, there is both good ventilation and shelter in the bed.

Light / shadow

When the GrowCamp is to be placed in the garden, it is crucial to find a place where there is as much sun as possible. There should be a MINIMUM full sun half the day.


In the item description on the website, you can see how much soil is to be used in the type of GrowCamp you choose. There are no small things that can be in such a bed. It gets behind most people.

You can easily use soil from the cheapest plant bags. It works fine. If you want to make something extra out of it, you can buy Champost raised bedding. It is available in most garden centers.

How to set up a GrowCamp

Here you can see how the beginner bed was set up. It took 1 hour.


When you choose a raised bed to grow vegetables in, everything is easier compared to growing outdoors:

• The soil is not trodden hard, so the roots develop better.
• When the soil is raised above the ambient level, the soil never gets so wet that the plants drown. The roots can always get oxygen.
• In the spring you can start earlier because the soil gets dry and warm faster.
• You can plant closer due to the optimal conditions and thus get greater yields.

If you cover the raised bed, it is EVEN easier:

• Insect nets screen for killer snails and other pests.
• The insect net dampens heavy rain, hail and wind.
• Plastic cover creates a greenhouse environment - keeps out night frost easily.

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