Radishes are harvested - new plants ready on the "top floor"

Radishes are harvested - new plants ready on the

Radishes are harvested

Then it was time to harvest the first radishes - 38 days after they were sown on Good Friday this year.

You can also easily get radishes in 38 days in the open air - but hardly so early in the year. And certainly not if spring is as cold as it was this year.

There has actually been night frost until several times since the radishes were sown. First of all, the cover keeps the night frost out easily - but even more importantly: the bed quickly gets warm when the sun is shining - and then the seeds germinate.

Plant hill on the "top floor"

We have put a plant tray into the bed. We use it to germinate new plants and for herbs. It is e.g. a bad idea to plant mint in the bed itself. The roots and the plant spread rapidly throughout the bed. It does not go so wrong here on the “top floor” of the GrowCamp, where the opportunities for development are limited to one pot.

In addition to mint, we have different kinds of lettuce and leeks in the plant tray, which also contains freshly sown beans. When there is space downstairs, the plants come down there and "live" in the ground.

Then there is also time in… ..

The peas are blooming now and it is not long before we can take off the spinach. Carrots and beets grow quietly larger.

We have planted basil and a chili plant in the bed. It's hot enough for now.

Then we can also rejoice that there are lots of flowers on the tomato. It promises well.