First lettuce head is harvested - Tomatoes are planted

First lettuce head is harvested - Tomatoes are planted

Then came the time to harvest the first lettuce head. It could have been even bigger and even firmer, but today we had to taste. In addition, there should be room for two shrub-tomato plants.

The beginner bed was set up on Good Friday this year. Peas, parsley, chives and lettuce were immediately planted, which were pre-cultivated indoors. The radishes were sown directly and they are soon ready to eat.

In addition, there is 1 row of carrots, 1 row of beets and 1 row of spinach.

Now we plant 2 bush tomatoes at the edge of the bed. They will be warm and well, so they will probably thrive.

Later, leeks and beans are to be planted, and what else can we come up with when lettuce, spinach and radishes are eaten.


It is very limited what is spent of time looking after the bed. The most important thing is that it does not get too hot. Therefore, we consistently open the plastic cover about 20 cm at the top in the morning and close again in the evening. Then the very hot air disappears, and at the same time there is shelter down by the plants, which are nicely sheltered.

If you do not have time to open and close, you can just not close at night. The plants do not take damage unless there is night frost. If this happens, the plastic cover should be closed all the way around.


Of course, watering must also be done. However, the plants do not use much water. They are not that big, and when the plastic cover is still on, the evaporation is not that big either.

Care must be taken not to get too wet. The soil should preferably have time to dry out a bit before watering. Otherwise there is a risk of algae and mold coming, and the plants do not like that.