Plant peas - then carrots, spinach and beets

Plant peas - then carrots, spinach and beets

Then the radishes have come up!

From 2018

They were sown on Good Friday, when it was dog-cold - but the sun was shining after all.

Pre-cultivated parsley, chives, field lettuce and other types of lettuce were also planted. The plants were sown indoors in late February and they needed to get out. It has been exciting to see if the half-sized plants would survive, for there has been quite severe night frost several times over the past week.

Fibertex and plastic cover screens against frost

The plants have been covered by several layers of fibertex - and then of course there has been plastic covering on the GrowCamp. It has kept the night frost out and on the days when the sun has shone, it has been hot in the bed - so hot that the radishes have sprouted and come up, and the other plants are growing steadily.

Now more can be sown and planted

The weather forecast promises warmer weather and no night frost. Then the peas, which have soon become too large, can be planted out. They have been inside since early March and do not immediately look like anything that can withstand lower temperatures. But it should probably work!

In addition, we sow carrots, spinach and beets. The soil is warm in the bed - and with sunshine for the next while, we hope it will germinate.

Remember to open the bed during the day - and water!

The next time the sun - according to the weather forecast - will shine, we must remember to open the plastic cover during the day. Otherwise it quickly gets too hot in the bed. Water will also be needed - and this is important, because the seeds must never dry out, otherwise they will not germinate. Remember to water carefully so that you do not damage the small sprouts and plants.


Watch video

Here you can see video from today, where planting and sowing: