1. Grow your vegetables yourself

    Grow your vegetables yourself

    PRESS RELEASE ON 9.3.2017 It is possible to grow 50 kg of vegetables on just 5 sqm, completely without gardener experience. All you need is a kind of incubator, called GrowCamp, and a desire to eat organic vegetables directly from...

  2. Take advantage of the garden joys

    Take advantage of the garden joys

    PRESS RELEASE on 24.02.2017 We are writing soon the month of March, and that means that it has really started to itch in the many green fingers across the country. For spring means that we can get back in the garden. Like that...

  3. GrowCamp LOVE

    GrowCamp LOVE

    GROWING VEGETABLES IN A GROWCAMP - IS SOMETHING FOR ITSELF! A GrowCamp is not ONLY a greenhouse, because the raised bed is included. And a raised bed in itself means that you get a much larger harvest than in the open air - up to...