When dreaming of self-sufficiency in a completely ordinary detached house garden.

The garden is my passion. This is where I rebuild my mental energy. This is where I create balance in a busy day. This is where I like to enjoy a glass of cold white wine on a warm spring evening while I fiddle with seeds, sprouts and plants and live out my dream of self-sufficiency in an ordinary detached house garden of just 1200 sqm.

My name is Mette, I am 46 years old and have always had a garden - and my own kitchen garden for over 20 years. I am actually a trained biologist, but am a career woman and work with the implementation of IT systems. In my everyday life, prioritization is needed to achieve the goals I have for my garden.

I have a huge drive, plenty of ​​projects going on and then I am a seed nerd - I love experimenting with new seed varieties, new methods, new tools (I have a weakness for pruning shears) - as long as I just have soil under the nails then time flies away.

My vision for our garden is:

  • To be self-sufficient in a completely ordinary detached house garden and supply our household with vegetables and fruit all year round
  • To share my passion and inspire others to grow vegetables in ordinary gardens
  • To experiment and push the traditional image of the kitchen garden as a summer activity
  • To cultivate the garden with as little effort as possible and constantly learn new things

To achieve my goals I work to optimize yields in my raised beds with more crops per season, I work to find the best strategy and think untraditionally in terms of the gardning season in our Nordic climate for many varieties thrive in the cool autumn and the early spring.

The backside of the medal is that I am a pain chronicler, it means a lot to how I arrange myself in the garden, so I experience as few limitations as possible. I carefully consider the height of the raise beds and what tools I use to make my everyday life in the garden much easier.

Welcome to my universe, where I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences about self-sufficiency in a completely ordinary detached house garden.