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GrowCamp all over the world
Press Release August 2012
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GrowCamp all over the world

Award winning GrowCamp is launched all over the world

The award winning GrowCamp is currently being launched all over the world. The GrowCamp is easy to assemble and provides an easily accessible raised growing bed in which to grow a wide variety of vegetables, and comes with protection from excessive sunlight and from insect attack. The GrowCamp can be placed anywhere, on a lawn, on paving, bare soil, terrace, patio or balcony. The increased public awareness of environmental issues, the use of chemical treatments on mass produced vegetables and an ambition towards self sufficiency has resulted in an increasing desire for people to ‘grow their own’ and this is probably stronger now than at any time since the 1950’s.

Raised Bed

The raised bed produces up to four times higher crop yield due to the good condition and the higher temperature of the soil and the better light than at ground level. The soil is less compacted making it easier for the plant roots to grow downwards rather than sideways and combined with the extra light available above ground level, means that the plants can be planted closer together than normal, producing a higher yield. The bed is open at the bottom allowing excess water to drain into the soil below and for essential micro organisms and earth worms to get into the GrowCamp. The raised bed makes working easier than at ground level. Each 120 cm module has a soil capacity of 650 litres and the best results are achieved when heat treated soil is used as it gives ideal growing conditions.

Insect Net

The insect net covering the top and sides is secured by velcro strips and can be rolled back to make tending plants in the GrowCamp easy. When the insect net is deployed, it will reduce access for damaging pests and insects and eliminates the need for pesticides keeping the crops organic. It protects crops from strong sunlight, heavy rain and wind and keeps out balls, cats, mice and other vermin. The gable ends are protected by a clear plastic cover.

Planting Trays

Planting trays, 40 cm wide, are available as accessories to the GrowCamp. The trays have deep grooves for water storage and a capillary mat, which together will store 1.5 litres of water. The trays can be suspended from the GrowCamp structure at eaves level for the growing of seedlings to ensure continuous planting and growing throughout the season.


The basic GrowCamp measures 120 cm x 120 cm and can be extended in 120 cm modules.

The raised bed sits directly onto the ground below and is 50 cm high and the height of the GrowCamp is 150 cm at the ridge.

The strong plastic frame is weather resistant and UV protected and is designed to withstand the strongest of winds.

Sowing and Harvest Guide

The GrowCamp brochure contains an inspiring and comprehensive year round Sowing and Harvesting Schedule of vegetables and herbs based on three seasons of experimental growing by the Danish inventor, Dorthe Rasmussen. Suggestions for the ideal planting layouts to produce the best yields are also shown.

The story of GrowCamp

The perfect vegetable garden in a tent.
It seems so simple you’d have thought somebody would have thought of it a long time ago. But the fact is, the GrowCamp hothouse tent is the first in the world. And what is really remarkable about it is that it quite literally grew from Dorthe Rasmussen’s own garden in Holbæk.

“The children had grown up, I was not so busy at work, so now it was it was high time I did something; I wanted to grow my own vegetables as I had done when I was a kid”, Dorthe says. “I had planted out the whole garden, but then the fight against worms and insects began. Of course I wanted to stick to organic methods so there was a lot of work without much yield.”

So Dorthe did something about it.
Of course, her frustrations are shared by thousands of Danes who are amateur gardeners but who do not have the best of conditions (or the time for) for cultivating a kitchen garden. But Dorthe did something about it: with four plastic boards she built the raised bed she wanted, had a cage welded on, which she covered with an insect net with practically located Velcro openings so it was easy to get at the vegetables. She had the idea of covering things with a plastic “blind” so it could act as a greenhouse early and late in the season. And now it was time for the vegetables and herbs to provide their bounty.

Not high-tech but efficient.
Each element adds to the benefits: the raised bed gives a better yield because the soil heats up more quickly and stays loose because nobody steps on it. The netting does not just keep off insects and other pests, it also provides some shade for the vegetables and acts as a wind break, while 90 percent of the rainwater can still penetrate. The protection afforded results in crisper vegetables. The plastic cover acts like a greenhouse so the growing season is longer. No not high-tech at all……but it is effective!

The enthusiasm grows
In three years of testing we “forced” friends and acquaintances who had never so much as glanced at a seed packet to try out the hothouse tent. They were so enthusiastic because no expertise was needed and results were soon visible. We received text message after text message: “the rocket sprouted in three days”, “we now have carrots with no worms at all”.
It was on purpose that we designed everything so it could just be clicked in place together. It’s so simple! “You don’t need to pester your husband to change into his gardening clothes,” Dorthe says in conclusion.

Danish grow tent double award winner at world exhibition

GrowCamp carried away the first prize within the Landscape category and Best Innovation of all at the international garden exhibition Glee in England.

It was evident right from the start that the Danish invention for garden enthusiasts, GrowCamp, would attract great attention. The grow tent, which is a raised bed covered by netting and with optional plastic cover, was presented as a world sensation by the Danish Holbæk company at the popular Glee garden exhibition in Birmingham, England. The largest garden equipment exhibition and definitely the place where all must see innovations are presented to thousands of buyers from all over the world. And GrowCamp did indeed live up to the expectations.

Best and best
Receiving the award of best innovation in the Landscape category made the day for the team behind the innovation led by Managing Director Dorthe Rasmussen. And when GrowCamp received the award for best innovation among all 250 innovations at the Glee exhibition, the joy was self‐evident. ”We have worked on and believed in this product for almost three years. And now we have received the greatest recognition that we could wish for in the form of the Glee awards” says a happy and proud Dorthe Rasmussen.

The perfect vegetable garden
GrowCamp grow tent was developed by Dorthe Rasmussen from scratch. For nearly three years, she adjusted and developed in cooperation with other test persons the concept of a raised bed covered by a net that prevents pests from entering, and which may be supplemented by a plastic cover to achieve the heating effect known from greenhouses.

”Now we have achieved the perfect combination of a raised bed, pest control and climate so that you will be able to harvest vegetables all year round,” says Dorthe Rasmussen. Furthermore, the grow tent can be placed almost anywhere and moved according to need.

Grow your own‐mania
The first lady of the United States does it. The English do it with strong enthusiasm and now its spreading throughout the world: We want to grow our own vegetables!