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An increasing number of people are growing their own vegetables. The sheer pleasure of digging your teeth into your own home-grown vegetables is indescribable. Unfortunately, many experience the disappointment of having wasted seeds and valuable time when the goodies are either eaten by snails, insects or caterpillars or destroyed by the weather. GrowCamp has the solutions! Download brochure See what the users are saying: Link IMPORTANT!
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GrowCamp Solutions
GrowCamp makes it easy to grow vegetables - without any waste and without the use of pesticides.
After sowing, all you need to do is water during dry weather and you can enjoy watching your plants grow.
The limited amount of weeds appearing in the bed can be pulled up easily with your fingers. No gardening tools are needed!
When you have experienced the joy of home-grown lettuce or lovely worm-free peas, your appetite will be whetted.
GrowCamp provides ample opportunities for growing all kinds of vegetables for the benefit and enjoyment of you and your family.
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GrowCamp Concept
Raised Bed
  • Produces up to four times higher yield due to the excellent conditions of soil, temperature and light.
  • Comfortable working height - well-defined area.
  • Easy to assemble - can be placed almost anywhere.
Insect net
  • Avoid slugs, insects and other nuisances, such as deer, cats, balls, etc.
  • Protects against heavy rain and strong wind - ensuring luxuriant, crisp vegetables.
  • The net provides light shading and good ventilation.
  • About 90% rain penetrates.
  • With transparent plastic covers the grow tent functions as a greenhouse.
  • Longer growing season - harvest several times.
  • Grow chili, tomato, cucumber and other greenhouse plants..
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a Vegetable Garden for All
for Beginners
Succeed the first time
Well-defined area
Starting up affordable
Minimum work
Perfect Crops
No damages caused by animals/insects
Fresh and crisp
for Elderly People
Comfortable working height
Manageable unit
Results even with limit strength
Enthusiasm in full blossom

for Children
Vegetables at eye level
Enjoy being together
Organic vegetables
for the Busy Life
Home-grown food
Easily accessible health
Assembled in 1-2 hours
bye Conventional Bed
Greater yield, Longer season
No pests
Heat-demanding plants thrive
Comfortable work