GrowCamp frequently asked questions about
Can a GrowCamp be left outdoors in winter?
Yes, that is no problem. Basically it can resist all kinds of weather.
Is there a base in the bed?
No, the bed has no base. This is a great advantage since it makes over watering impossible.
Can the GrowCamp be placed in a windy position?
Yes, it is designed to resist even the strongest of winds. The guy lines hold the superstructure in place and the soil in the bed stops the bed moving.
Should the superstructure be removed in the winter?
No, it needn’t be. The superstructure and the tent parts are quite capable of withstanding both frost and snow. The tent parts will presumably last longer if you disassemble them and store them indoors.
Must there be soil in the whole bed?
Yes, the bed must be filled with soil = 650 litres per 120 cm. Or, you may decide to use soil trays. See additional information
Can one divide up a 240 cm bed so there is soil all the way down at one end and soil trays in the other?
Yes, this is a good idea if one is growing long root vegetables at one end of the bed and herbs and other vegetables at the other. All you need is a partition of 50 x 115 cm. Almost anything can be used, as the partition will be well propped up by the two canes which hold the bed together in the middle.
Problems with snails – can GrowCamp help?
Firstly, the snails have to crawl up a long smooth surface, and they don’t like that. Then the netting provides some protection against encroachment. If that is not enough, one can purchase a self-adhesive copper strip which can be stuck on to the plastic board the whole way around about 35 cm up. An electric current is generated when the snails’ slime comes into contact with the copper. The snails feel it in the way we might experience chewing on tinfoil. It keeps snails out of the bed. Copper strips can be ordered straight from GrowCamp.
Can strawberries be grown in the raised bed?
Yes, and it is a very good way of doing so. One gets strawberries at least a couple of weeks earlier if the bed is covered in plastic. But remember! When strawberries flower, both the plastic and the netting should be opened a little to let the bees in to pollinate, or you won’t have any strawberries.
What is the best time of the year to set up the raised bed?
It can be set up at any time. It can be a really good idea to set it up in the autumn while the weather is still settled, and then you are ready in February when it is often a good time to plant pre-sprouted potatoes despite the risk of night frosts. If the bed is set up at the beginning of August, one still has time to harvest lettuce and many other delicious vegetables.
Can an extension be fitted to a previously fitted bed?
Yes, that is no problem. But it is a little awkward because one must remove a lot of the soil to remove the end gable. Besides the extension module you may have to use 12 new clamps/plugs if you are unlucky enough to damage beds when dismantling them. You can order them from the GrowCamp shop.
What is the easiest way to air GrowCamp?
During the time when the trays must be opened each morning and closed in the evening it is easier to remove one of the plastic sides in the bed and put it on again without fastening it from the top. This allows you to quickly open the plastic side a little from above for efficient and gentle airing.