Functional design – developed by GrowCamp
Soil tray

GrowCamp’s soil trays are intended for the cultivation of most vegetables and flowers. The trays are particularly well suited for lettuce, herbs, chillies, tomatoes, radishes etc, while long root vegetables are limited by the height of the tray: 15 cm.

Trays hold just over 50 litres if soil. This is the same as an ordinary plant sack. It is particularly easy to fill the tray with soil. The trays are almost 40 cm wide so there is room for three trays in a 120 cm bed.

The trays rest on the edge of the bed and can be easily loaded on and off, so the beds can be moved from pace to place.

It should be kept in mind that soil trays need more frequent watering than if the bed was filled right up with soil. The soil tray has a drain hole in the base in order to avoid over watering.

Trays are made of galvanised sheet metal.

Planting trays

With GrowCamp’s planting trays you will be able to grow all kinds of plants in pots and other containers.

The self-supporting planting trays can be mounted on the edge of the bed. They can also be placed on the supporting pole above and function as an additional shelf. Each tray is about 40 cm wide and the trays can carry 10 kg.

The planting trays are designed with deep wide groves for water storage. The trays are supplied with a capillary mat to be placed in the watering tray under the pots. The mat absorbs and distributes the water in the tray. Holes in the bottom of the pots provide a capillary effect which allows the soil and the roots to absorb the water they need.

GrowCamp’s capillary mat is made of new, clean raw materials with optimum water absorption and water distribution. The mat is resistant to fungus and rot.

The grooves of tray and the capillary mat can hold a total of 1.5 litres of water. If you fill up tray completely, it may contain 15 litres. Usually, this is, however, not recommendable unless it is only for short periods of time or for very large plants.

The trays are excellent for growing seedlings. The heat is easily controlled by means of the plastic cover, which rolls up and down easily.

In a grow tent with soil in the bed itself, it will be a great advantage to have one or two trays at the top for seedlings. This makes it easy to have new plants ready when those below have been harvested.